Trunky’s & Friends is a fun learning environment that utilizes game media to teach children about fundamental features of basic education.

The idea behind Trunky games is to help children between 2-8 years old to practice spelling, math and overall learning assignments in a fun way, alone or with their parents.

Trunky & Friends is a series of games. Playing with Trunky helps the child practice some of the educational curriculum, which they will have in school. There are three levels to choose from to practice the most common learning words, calculations and ordinary play with colors and puzzles. The Trunky games are present in multiple languages, to unify the learning aspect.

What we believe in: 
Education is fun and Education should be an enjoyable experience that engages to more play.

Curiosity and exploration Games should facilitate children’s exploration and encourage their curiosity about the world. Interactive games for real learning We strive to use all the knowledge about designing effective educational games in all of our games to take advantage of the opportunities that technology has to offer. The educational content in all our games are also carefully planned. Putting children first Our games are focused on children and what they like to play, given their usefulness. We also strive to fill in the gaps we have found in educational games. Education for all We offer high quality games at an affordable price. We also offer our games in multiple languages​​, including English, Danish, Swedish, Arabic, German, French and Russian with plans to expand to other languages.